Michael Snow



What do you love most about coaching soccer?

I love being a positive part of the player’s development and being able to see the results in the player.

Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

For me, it had to be Edson Arantes do Nascimento or simply Pelé.

What club team do you support?

There are many, but Newcastle United ranks the highest.   Sure they may get relegated, but they always come back. Kevin Keegan was known to me in the 80’s as an excellent player, and then he went on to Newcastle management in the 1990’s.

What do you look for in a soccer player?

It is definitely dedication, courage, instinct, and mental toughness.  Those characteristics combine to make a wonderful player.

What is your philosophy on player development?

I don’t demand that the players or team win, I demand their best effort to play good soccer.  I strongly believe a positive development approach is the key to having the players develop a love of the game and making lifelong soccer players.  I push the players a little more than where they are comfortable.  I encourage them to take risks and allow them to make mistakes and show in actions as well as words that mistakes are learning opportunities.

What is your favorite memory in soccer?

My favorite soccer memory was when I was 11 years old, I was able to play on a team in Pacific Beach, about 45 minutes from my house at the time.  I remember the excitement of going to practices in the evenings under the lights. I recall the coach was patient but demanding as well. He knew how to get a lot out of the team. Unfortunately, that was the last year I was able to play due to a knee injury.

What is it about the San Marcos Revolution that makes you want to coach here?

As one of the founders, I saw the need for a league that puts the player first.  That is why I help found the league, and that is why I still coach here.  San Marcos Revolution is a league of excellence that focuses on the players.

Coaching accomplishments

Having a 100% retention of the team from one year to the next is huge for me.  The development I have seen in my players, that is my biggest accomplishment.

My 2006 Girls’s team has been promoted each year and won the 2017 Presidio Cup and the 2017  Carlsbad Coastal Classic and made it to 0x32 in State Cup.