San Marcos Revolution
The San Marcos Revolution competitive program offers professional coaching and a higher level of play than recreational soccer. Players will receive training and playing opportunities from our dedicated and USSF licensed coaches. We strive to develop the technical skills of each player while at the same time teaching them the tactical awareness that is necessary for team success. Our greatest hope is that each player will have a truly enjoyable experience and develop a life-long passion for soccer. In order to accomplish these goals, we have designed a specific curriculum that is appropriate for each age group.

Strength and Agility Training
San Marcos Revolution has an exclusive partnership with Olympus Movement Performance for strength and agility training both in their state-of-the-art gym and on the field. Improvements in an athlete's strength and agility helps increase their performance on the field and reduces the probability of serious injury.

Goalkeeper Training
San Marcos Revolution understands the important role goalkeepers play in the success of a team and that they have a unique skillset. For these reasons, we offer a goalkeeper specific program led by our Goalkeeper Coach.

Goalkeepers will receive training in groups that are age and skill appropriate. The schedule for goalkeeper training sessions will be set by our Goalkeeper Coach and will be communicated to your child’s coach.

2019-2020 Registration Fees
The registration fees for the 2019-2020 competitive season will be posted soon.



The San Diego Developmental Academy (SDDA) concept was founded on the dedication and hard work of some of San Diego's leading coaching directors.

Recognizing that while the success of San Diego's competitive soccer programs were of excellent quality, there were still some missing components that would help develop and advance the serious player to compete amongst the best that Southern California had to offer.

The concept was shared and discussed amongst other coaching directors.  The enthusiasm amongst them quickly grew to where regular meetings were held.  It was unanimously agreed that every idea, every plan, every action lead to "Long Term Athlete Development".

The initial group of qualified directors quickly grew and program structure began to develop to what we are now proud to call the "San Diego Developmental Academy".

Here are a few of the basic goals of the SDDA:

  1. Shift the mindset of younger players and parents towards development, instead of simply winning
  2. Manage conditions to promote overall development in the SDDA
  3. Focus on Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)
  4. Spend more time on the field than in the car



Presidio Soccer League's mission is to provide scheduling for youth soccer teams in the Southern California area and to encourage wholesome athletic development for the youth of our communities through competition, sportsmanship, positive coaching and positive example from all of its participants.

Presidio Soccer League is San Diego's Premier Competitive Youth Soccer Gaming League, serving the Southern California area.

We are a member run organization and currently serve over 50 youth soccer leagues. All rules and regulations are discussed, reviewed and voted on by our member leagues.


San Marcos Youth Soccer
San Marcos Youth Soccer is dedicated to providing the best youth soccer program in North County.

The specific purpose of this organization is to provide the people of the city of San Marcos, and its neighboring communities, the game of soccer, youth activities and special projects, which will help to develop good character and physical wellness while promoting respect for others, and a sense of community involvement.

Our Mission...

"San Marcos Youth Soccer provides a locally managed program that offers recreational, social and physical development for children of all ages regardless of skill level and financial ability. SMYS encourages and promotes teamwork, player and volunteer development and community involvement through participation in our athletic programs"

San Marcos Youth Soccer (SMYS) is a locally run non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed by dedicated volunteers from the San Marcos Community.

With years of local experience and know how, our mission is to provide a family oriented soccer program that meets the needs of local players. A key difference in our program is that we are locally run and operated, as opposed to being governed by a National Organization. Our focus is the local players.

San Marcos Youth Soccer Organization runs an all-volunteer program.  This means that all coaches, referees or administrators are not paid for their volunteerism.
We recognize and appreciate all of our volunteers as outstanding citizens of the community – Community Heroes - and treat them accordingly.

Without the volunteers, the kids can't play soccer.

We thank you for the opportunity to provide youth soccer in San Marcos.

The Coast Soccer League is one of the premier youth soccer leagues in Southern California providing competitive gaming circuits to over 180 youth soccer leagues with over 2000 teams.

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