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Parent Responsibilities

San Marcos Revolution, our coaches and staff are committed to providing your child with a fun, safe environment where they can learn and enjoy the game of soccer. We promise to treat you and your child with respect. Similarly, as parents, you have certain responsibilities that will aid with your child’s growth and enjoyment of the game.

Basic Parent Responsibilities

  • Have fun. Be your child’s biggest fan. Win, lose or draw, we should all support the team.
  • See to it that players attend all possible team functions (practices, games, meetings, etc.) and encourage and support your child in meeting his/her obligations.
  • Do NOT coach your child from the sideline during a game.
  • Emphasize to your child the importance of trying to win by using skill, effort, tactics and fair play. Discourage the use of “dirty” tactics such as pushing, tripping, cheating, etc.
  • Maintain a positive team attitude, good sportsmanship and fair play. Do not make negative and/or derogatory comments toward players, opponents, coaches, referees or officials.
  • Set a good example by your conduct and good sportsmanship. Remember that your child and possibly other players may emulate your behavior.
  • Treat players, opponents, coaches, referees and other officials with respect.

Encourage and help your child to work on technical skills and conditioning at home. For example, passing, dribbling or juggling the ball for 10-15 minutes on non-practice days.



Practices and Games

  • For the good of the team, it is important that players attend all scheduled practices and games.
  • We understand that many kids are involved in multiple activities and have multiple interests. We encourage this. Please help your child organize their schedule so they are able to meet all their obligations.
  • School academics should be your child’s top priority. Please help your child organize and prioritize their academics, sports and other activities so they are able to succeed and excel in all of them.
  • It is important that players arrive on time to practices and games.
  • Players need to come to practices and games prepared to play with the proper equipment.

Refrain from discussing any issues with the coach during practices and games. If you need to discuss something with the coach, please schedule an appointment with him/her when it doesn’t interfere with team activities.


Volunteers Wanted

Volunteers are a very important part of what makes our program successful and allows our players to participate in a high quality program for an attainable cost that is much lower than similar programs in the area.

If you would like to volunteer, have questions about volunteer opportunities or have a expertise in a specific area (finance, registration, marketing, fundraising, special events etc.) with which you can donate your time, please contact the competitive director, Tracy Rich, at





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