John Turner

What do you love most about coaching soccer?

I love coaching soccer because it allows me to have a positive impact in the lives of the players.  I have been so encouraged when I take a player who may not think they have the skill or confidence to achieve and I can help show them that they can be better than what they think they are.

Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

I did not have a favorite player growing up, but now my favorite player is Harry Kane.  I appreciate his ability to work hard and do well whilst remaining humble.

What club team do you support?

Tottenham Hotspurs!

What do you look for in a soccer player?

Desire.  If the player does not have the desire to play there is not much you can do with him/her.

What is your philosophy on player development?

My philosophy on player development is:  winning is not everything, the effort to win is, so teaching the player how to play, within the context of playing as a team, is primary so they can understand what that effort looks like.

What is your favorite memory in soccer?

In 2014, I had a U14/U13 rec team and we were ranked 7th overall out of 10 teams for the season.  We entered a tournament and came in 2nd.  In order finish 2nd we had to beat teams that went undefeated at their club. We lost 3-2 to a team that had not conceded a goal until us in the tournament.

What is it about the San Marcos Revolution that makes you want to coach here?

I appreciate the fact that this club is focused on developing the player and not on financial gain. Too many clubs are too worried about money and numbers, and not primarily on player development.