Chris Erdos

What do you love most about coaching soccer?

I love watching a player successfully use a technique that they have been reluctant to try because it is new and unfamiliar. Practice works!

Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

My favorite players were Zoltan Toth of the San Diego Sockers and Peter Schmeichel of Manchester United. Both were just absolute animals in goal and would stick their faces in front of any shot. Of course, I named my son Zoltan.

What club team do you support?

I grew up seeing highlights of Peter Schmeichel of Manchester United, so I followed them as a result ever since. I like Real Salt Lake and Colorado Rapids (mostly just Nick Rimando and Tim Howard), and of course I still support the San Diego Sockers.

What do you look for in a soccer player?

In goalkeepers, I look for a player who wants to be there. It’s hard to train kids to play GK if they don’t really want to play the position. I really like to see the crazy, brave kids, who love getting hard shots taken on them and sacrificing their body to make the save

What is your philosophy on player development?

It is my goal to provide quality, professional and proven training to players of all ages and skill levels. Training goals and objectives differ from player to player, but always focusing on the fundamentals of goalkeeping, tactics and strategies, shot-stopping, positioning, footwork, distribution, focus, agility, communication, concentration, plyometrics and continually improving the abilities of every goalkeeper at any level of competition. Being a 5th grade teacher, I am constantly differentiating my lessons to make them accessible to all of my students. Some need a challenge, while others need remediation. I apply this concept to the goalkeepers I train so that they are constantly improving and learning, no matter how long they have played the position. Everyone, myself included, should be continually learning about the game, the position, their teammates and opponents in order to gain every possible advantage, while equally respecting these elements at all times.

What is your favorite memory in soccer?

Any big save is a great thing. Some stand out more than others, but game winning penalty kick saves are pretty sweet and there’s a few I’ll never forget, especially ones against big rivals.

What is it about the San Marcos Revolution that makes you want to coach here?

I live in the community, so it is important to me that we have a quality competitive club. Soccer gave me so much as a kid and shaped my character in many ways. All kids should get the same opportunity to be influenced in such a positive way. Hopefully my own children will come up through the Revolution system and have a similar experience to mine. Soccer is not just a game. It teaches you the value of patience, hard work, mental toughness, and physical discipline. I look forward to helping with the development of the club and its players.

Coaching accomplishments

USSF National “D” Coaching License
NSCAA Level 2 Goalkeeper Certificate