Curtis Greer

What do you love most about coaching soccer?

I love seeing players, each with varying amounts of natural talent, begin to think and move like soccer players.

Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

Honestly, I didn’t have a favorite player as a youth.

What club team do you support?

Of course, San Marcos Revolution.  Also, LA Galaxy.

What do you look for in a soccer player?

I look for a “We” (not “Me”) attitude.  Ideally, a player that brings a sincere love for the game and desire to constantly learn and improve.  World-Class Speed is also welcome.

What is your philosophy on player development?

It should go without saying that Player Development is paramount.  On my team, and on every team in our club, players should reach their full “Soccer Potential” year by year.  To partner with players and parents in reaching this goal, coaches must be knowledgeable, prepared, and player-focused.

What is your favorite memory in soccer?

My first year as a Competitve Coach (2010), our BU13 Team won our First Tournament with a “Golden Goal” in extra time. Happy, happy young men.

What is it about the San Marcos Revolution that makes you want to coach here?

As a parent of a Revolution player, I appreciate the Club’s balance in striving to develop both high-quality players and high-quality human beings.  I have also been impressed with the “all for one” attitude I have experienced from day one at San Marcos Revolution.