Danny Munoz


What do you love most about coaching soccer?

I enjoy seeing individuals work to attain their personal best and also, to have them work together as a team towards their collective goals.

Who was your favorite soccer player growing up?

Any San Diego Sockers player from the 80s

What club team do you support?

Real Madrid

What do you look for in a soccer player?

I look for an athlete with a positive attitude who is coachable, willing to learn, and willing to work hard.

What is your philosophy on player development?

To improve the quality (tactically, technically, and physically) of soccer in an athlete and to allow them to learn and compete as a team in a fun yet competitive atmosphere. To allow athletes to learn life lessons and how to carry those lessons into their lives.

What is your favorite memory in soccer?

It may seem very small and insignificant, but when I was playing at a very young age, going out for ice cream after scoring goals with my best friend David, and our coach Larry (his Dad)…I still am friends with David and see him on a regular basis.

What is it about the San Marcos Revolution that makes you want to coach here?

Even though the parents are the most supportive, encouraging, and fun, Revolution has the reputation of a “small club”…but that’s what I like, a club with “small club” family values that compete at the highest levels.

Coaching accomplishments

Other than many tournament championships, what I’m most proud of is creating positive memories and helping develop stronger soccer players into stronger people.